Open Snake Tracing System

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Tracing System (under construction)

The code for the basic 3-D open-curve tracing system is now in the SVN. The latest code containing the 4-D open-curve tracing model, microglia processing code, GPU implementations and segmentation code will be released soon. We are working on the user manual for the software system.

Figure 1: ScreenShot of the Tracing System. 87 microglia cells were traced automatically and their identities are color-coded in the rendering. The feature table shows a set of features for each cell.
Figure 2: ScreenShot of the Tracing System. Close-up view of one microglia cell, the soma/nuclei is segmented automatically.
Figure 3: ScreenShot of the Tracing System. Tracing result was produced with 4-D open-curve snake model, which traces the centerline and estimates the radius simultaneously.
Figure 4: Tracing and Reconstruction Results of Our System on Different Datasets

  • Contributors to the Tracing System:
    • Yu Wang [1]
    • Arunachalam Narayanaswamy
    • Charlene Tsai
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